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international contests and talent festivals


+44 (203) 808-81-18
Participate from any place in the world
prize 50 $
Collaboration with producers and art agencies
Application deadline is February 25
Company in London
Сompany № 11303732
Do you have an amazing talent, but you want something more than just recognition of your family and friends? Take part in the competition and we will give you such an opportunity!
Winners will be invited to the festival in London
Golden Time Diploma appreciated in the creative industry of Europe and the CIS
They say and write about us:
jury and producers
collaborate with them
countries of the world
have occupied
top places
dollars spent on prizes
YouTube views
have occupied
top places
How is it "online"?
Golden Time is a unique platform that lights the stars
Forget about tiresome castings, long lines and endless trips. Down with boredom and monotony! We offer to spend a cool time, becoming a member of our "YouTube-scene."

We are talking about an unique movement on the Internet.
The time of changes has come
Everything will be like in the usual festival with offline participation, you just don't need to go anywhere.

Sit yourself in comfort and warmth, and at the same time get the opportunity to become a world star!

It's amazing, is not it?

You save not only time and money, but also guaranteed to win, because it's unreal experience and pumping your talent.
It is very simple
If the jury does not look at you live, it's not mean that you are not evaluated. You are evaluated strictly. We are talking about form of presentation, talent, and even charisma! You have a real chance to attract attention.

Golden Time is a virtual platform on which real stars light up. Feel free to keep up with the times - and good luck will smile to you!
But do not take it easy
Look on the competitive works from previous festivals
Who is the Golden Time competition for?
People who wish to check own forces at a festival of international level.

And who knows, maybe in your performance the jury will see worthy potential
To professionals
Who want to pump their skills and get an independent opinion about their mastery.

The jury pays special attention on this participants
To children of loving parents
The best way to inspire a child is to show your talent to a worthy jury.

A lot of inspiration for new achievements is guaranteed to you
To teachers
That dreaming that the talents of their pupils will be appreciated.

Many educators receive a letter of appreciation from Golden Time
To collectives
Whose diligence and efforts were put into many years of work.

Stop staying in the shade - it's time to go an international level
How can you take part?
Leave a request Online on our site
Get to know with the regulations of the competition
Pay for participation
The jury evaluates all the works
Fighting for "People's Choice Award"
Receive awards and diplomas by the email
Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
New Level
You will get invaluable experience by competing with other participants of the festival, that will increase your skill level several times
Collaboration with producers
Or training with real professionals. We do not let go of talented guys just like that! And if we like you, our acquaintance will certainly continue
Useful Tips
We have gathered high-class professionals from all over the world who will evaluate your unique abilities
What result will you wait for?
After participating in the Golden Time Contest
here is such a feedback and motivation for the festival participants from our jury
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You will be evaluated
By unique jury – they are professionals
Alexandr Balbus
Musician, producer
Since 2016, he is a member of the American Academy of The Recording Academy of Grammy,
- Member of AES (Audio Engineering Society),
- Author of BMI and ASCAP
- General Producer of URC Radio (Chicago) - www.urcradio.com
Igor Kokarev
Filmmaker, writer
Los Angeles
Wrote his fifteenth book CONFESSION OF A "FOREIGN AGENT". He directed his play about Vysotsky. He worked as a senior fellow at the US and Canada Institute Asian World Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA, Advisory Board, organizing consultant at Community Partners Inc. igorkokarev.com
Inesa Bila
She is the author of social projects. Organizer of charity and commercial events for children since 2000
Mihail Grebenshchikov
He is singer and actor, television and radio host, also a composer and music producer, DJ. He opened a production center, which provided assistance to young artists in 2007. He is producer of the workshop of pop art for children and youth A. Pugacheva
Dmitrij Sol
Producer, actor
Producer, theater and film actor, leading actor in the Theater Collection Lion and Unicorn, Art-Vic in London (England) and Maxim-Gorki-Theater Berlin
There are licenses, letters of appreciation and letters of thanks
This is your chance!
Golden Time is a new international talent project that provides new opportunities to show your talents to anyone, regardless of age or skill level
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Reviews about Golden Time Festival
After participating in the Golden Time Contest
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All information they say about the contest
11 reviews
Why do people choose us?
There are 5 reasons why you should participate
Talents from 17 world countries take part on Golden Time festivals and competitions feature
Golden Time is an international festival. To save your time and money, we spend it online. The jury evaluates your talent through YouTube
Golden Time jury is professionals known all the world. Among them are producers and school owners around the world
Each participant receives a personal diploma with a serial number. They are quoted upon admission to all universities in the world
The process of participation in the competition is clear and you can watch it. Honesty is one of our basic rules!
Saving and Result
Diploma value
Cool jury
It's time to prove yourself!
It's incredible experience in competition with the best talents from different countries. Improve your skill level by competing with other festival participants.
For everyone who is our site for the first time, we have prepared a pleasant bonus :)
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Winner goes to London
happy Grand Prix owners will get the opportunity to perform on a live stage in the capital of England
The winner will visit a master class of one of the jury members. He will ask some questions and learn the secrets of success.
You get a unique chance to visit a city that you just read about on the Internet. Do you want to see amazing London in real life?
Grand Prix is worth fighting for. This is the best reward you could ever dream of. Let's go to get it!
diplom has a unique number and information about its owner. The date of receipt and the occupied place are stored in the database and assigned only to the 1st owner
Unique design
Golden Time diplomas are made on a wooden base 23 mm thick.

Once having received such a diploma, you will never want to part with it.
Value of diploma
the jury evaluates the talent of the participants, and not the presence at the festival in the hall. Therefore, we do not indicate the form of participation on diplomas - offline or online.
Golden Time is an investment in the future
participants receive awards and ratings that can inspire new achievements
The winner is determined by the viewer
If you have the more views, likes and reposts on your contest videos on social networks, you will get the more chances to win and get a prize!

All is fair! Cheat codes no longer work, and we make sure that no one cheats :)

This competition is held separately from the main one and does not affect the final assessment of the jury.

Read more information on the provisions of the competition
Let's get the "People's Choice Award"
we give 50 $ to the winner
Read the popular answers on FAQ
If you have other questions, please will call tel: +44 (203) 808-81-18
There is behind all this
Inesa Bila
She is the author of social projects. Organizer of charity and commercial events for children since 2000
Make yourself known!
There are new opportunities and new ways to realize talent. You will be seen not only by the jury, but also our partner art agencies and producers.

Take a chance, try, show yourself!
For everyone who is our site for the first time, we have prepared a pleasant bonus :)
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