Been painting exciting pictures for years, mastered a new technique, but your work is still gathering dust on home shelves? It's time to stop! You can tell the world about yourself and get an objective assessment of your talent
World Art
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"How to become a successful artist"
Participate from any place in the world
Opportunity for cooperation
A British award
to each participant
The best are invited to the exhibition in London
Why should you take part?
Declare yourself
Are you at the beginning of your creative career, or do you feel confident about yourself as a pro? Our competition is a great way of your self-expression for creative people
Are you not completely confident in your abilities? Our competition is a chance to believe in yourself and gain confidence, avoiding stress
Comments from experts
Recognition is vital for every creative person. Our competition is a recognition from the best professionals from around the world
International awards

Our competition is an opportunity to receive internationally recognized British award diplomas and show your talent at a festival in London
What result will you wait for?
All participants receive a British Award Diploma. Your work are given a serial number and all data is stored in a database.
We do not let go of talented guys just like that! And if we like you, our acquaintance will certainly continue.
Useful Tips
We have gathered high-class professionals from all over the world who will evaluate your unique abilities.
New Level
You discover new points of growth by competing with participants, it's will give you the impetus to develop and achieve new and ambitious goals.
Join an international talent project that provides new opportunities to show your talents to anyone, regardless of age or skill level.
It's your chance!
For the Winners
Winners receive an invitation to the festival in London. A rare chance to attend the jury's masterclasses, ask questions and learn the secrets of success.

The Grand Prix is worth fighting for.
It's the best award one can only dream of.
Exhibition in London
Our mission is to develop and popularize unique, talented people from all over the world
Talking and writing about us
Participants are often noticed by the media
Competitions develop a competitive spirit in us and we feel a pleasant thrill and a light-hearted experience. We realise how important it is to ourselves. We are thrilled by the adventure. The competitions force us to grow. I am definitely happy with the outcome of the competition; I got to test my skills and show my paintings. These mini challenges are a source of inspiration for us. And when you get the coveted diploma, a flood of positive thoughts and emotions lasts for a long time.
Second place in an international competition @goldentime.talent Thank you to everyone who has been with me and supported me in difficult moments! It really means a lot to me! And I am immensely happy that I have such an opportunity to express myself! And of course my sincerest thanks to my best and favorite teacher - Katerina Valerievna! I love you so much!!! Thank you for believing in me! When you have someone who believes in you, everything becomes possible....
11 season
This year I have clearly set myself the goal to participate in exhibitions, all sorts of competitions, despite the difficult situation in 2020. I am very grateful that there are online platforms that allow you to evaluate your talent from the comfort of your home) Thank you very much @goldentime.talent to the organisers of such a large-scale competition for the appreciation of my talent, I am happy and inspired to reach new heights. I am eternally grateful @goldentime.talent I don't know what will happen next, but one thing I do know is that it's so motivating, it makes wings grow instead of arms, so I can fly higher and higher.
18 season
Today the results of the international competition in which I took part became known. The 23rd season of GOLDEN TIME TALENT. Two second places for two pieces. I also received an invitation to take part in the festival in Camogli, Italy. Very unexpected and nice. Dear friends, thanks a lot to everyone for their support and voting! A special thank you to my husband, it was his idea to participate in this competition ❤️❤️❤️
23 season
25 season
The results of the international GOLDEN TIM TALENT artist competition are in. Where judges from all over the world judged the entries. In the painting category, my work has received enough points and won 1st place. Thank you very much, the organizers for the opportunity to participate, the judges for their scores and comments in their video reviews) and all participants for the beautiful creative work ❤️
24 season
Well, here comes the first award. How do I feel? ... I'm overwhelmed with pride. Proud, not of having painted this painting, but proud of believing in myself, proud of my courage and determination to show my work to the jury. To professionals from all over the world. People who know everything about art. All about painting. Believe me, creative people are very self-critical, and before showing their work to anyone, they will check a million times whether they are happy with it all. And I am sure that every artist has one or more paintings that have been painted for years and no one has ever seen them. My only regret is that I didn't believe in myself and didn't take part in the GRAND FINAL. But that will be my lesson. And I am sure that by the next contest I will prepare everything 100%. This diploma is as a symbol of courage and self-confidence. Thank you to all the jury and the organisers of the competition.
27 season
Your questions - our answers
The level of participants is completely different, but it is more than average so you will be someone to compete with. And where there is competition there is growth. So make a decision now, because places are limited and you can miss your chance. And also, the sooner you start participating, the more likely you are to win the "People's Choice Award". You will have more time than others!
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